Pigs in Space

«The explorer rocket … returned to the Earth after reaching the desired speed and altitude, and the living creature (a monkey) was retrieved and found alive.
The Iranian launch was part of anniversary celebrations of the 1979 revolution, which are held for a period of two weeks in early February. Iran often flaunts its technological and scientific advances at this time of the year.
Iran’s defence minister, General Ahmad Vahidi, described the launch as a “big step for our experts and scientists”. He said it was merely the initial phase of a broader Iranian plan to send humans into space by 2020.
“This shipment returned safely to Earth with the anticipated speed along with the live organism,” Vahidi was quoted by Fars as saying. “The launch of Kavoshgar and its retrieval is the first step towards sending humans into space in the next phase.”»

(from Guardian onLine)


(Mohamed Reza Idery era o cônsul do Irão na Noruega, mas há 2 anos desertou, em total desacordo com as políticas repressivas do regime dos Ayatolas, entrevistado pelo correspondente da SIC em Israel, Henrique Cymerman.)



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